New gaming resolutions

The New Gamer‘s Mr. Turner has resolved to brighten up his gaming life in 2007, by diversifying what he plays and for how long. It’s something that’s been bothering me, too, for the last few months; considering what I’ve played over the last year leaves me feeling somewhat disappointed. I’ve started several games which I was really looking forward to playing, but not had the resolve to push through and complete them.

I’ve decided to follow Turner’s lead and have made my own gaming resolutions for 2007:

  1. Play games outside both your genre and moral ‘comfort zone’
  2. Finish the key titles you have outstanding from 2006
  3. Play a popular Japanese RPG – and complete it
  4. Try more rhythm-action games

So with the above in mind, I’ve been pondering a shortlist with which to get started (or finished) with.  Here’s how it’s looking as of today:

  • Complete the following:
    • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin [NDS]
    • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth [PC]
    • Ikaruga [DC]
    • Metroid Prime: Hunters [NDS]
    • Under Defeat [DC]
  • Play the following (to completion):

It’s certainly enough for now—especially with child #3 due in the next two weeks! Hopefully in about 11 or so months’ time I’ll be able to look back at 2007 and say it was a very good year for gaming.


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