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I’ve been pretty depressed with gaming lately, truth be told; I thought retreading games I’d not previously played or hadn’t completed would dispell this, but if anything it’s just made it worse. Moreover, the fact my previously-uber laptop now isn’t capable of playing games that were released in the latter half of last year has deepened the drudgery. And that broken PS2 I was given has been silently tormenting me, as my efforts to bring it back to life have utterly failed.

Having stewed over (read: wallowed in) that for more than a few weeks now, I’ve decided to ditch PC gaming – including the prerequisite hardware paperchase (thank fuck) – and move my gaming wholesale over to consoles. Or ‘console’ rather–I’m going to sell my DS. Can’t say I’m all that bothered as I think I’ve gotten most of what I could out of the system already, and don’t really play it anymore. There’s also just one title I’m looking forward to for the foreseeable future – Phantom Hourglass – and that’s getting shifted around all the time anyway. Moreover, it was either that or the Dreamcast–and you can prise SEGA’s finest from my cold dead hands, not before!

UK high street video game emporium GameStation have a superb deal going at the moment, which was too good to pass on:

  • Xbox 360 ‘Premium’ pack
  • + Gears of War
  • + Crackdown
  • + PGR3
  • + WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007
  • + Xbox Live! Arcade Unplugged
  • + extra wireless controller
    £304.99 (approx. $495 US before tax)

I spent this weekend getting familiar with Xbox Live and the system in general. Playing first person shooters on a joypad has been a little painful at first – especially in something as fast-paced and punishing as Gears of War – but playing Crackdown last night was a real pleasure, so I think I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it inside a weekend (much to my relief).

I’m now really fired up about gaming once more, and what’s more, for the first time since the SEGA MegaDrive, I have a current-gen console as it’s beginning its life cycle. See you online.


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