The Amiga Man

Commodore are back in business, but for how long? And just how many times has this company relaunched itself over the years?

I can recall one of their shops opening in the local precinct when I was a teenager (mid-90’s), filled with stuffy executives in cheap grey suits not selling anything. I think they were an official retail partner for Atari’s Jaguar, too; they used to have a (very dusty) Jaguar in the shop window, constantly playing the same game demo over and over, and a friend and I were *almost* tempted to buy one. I also seem to remember they went crazy with the product information when the Jaguar CD drive was announced, littering the pinboard behind the demo machine with glossy posters which faded really quickly and didn’t get replaced. The store seemed to close down again in what seemed like a matter of weeks, so that was that.

Anyway, as you may already know Commodore have relaunched as a gaming-specific PC reseller, like Alienware or Falcon Northwest. Commodore’s two most expensive – and therefore most powerful – units will be sold online only for now, but their entry level and intermediate units will be sold “through traditional retailers,” which I expect means The Dixons Group etc.

Cleverly, Commodore used case customisation to generate buzz about the machines earlier this year at CeBIT; you’ll be able to customise your case at time of purchase in a range of lurid exciting designs.

You can read more about Commodore’s official launch on the ever-great


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