We’re not home free quite yet

The San Francisco Chronicle continues the encouraging trend in the current backlash against Jack Thompson, over his reasoning for the Virginia Tech shootings–chiefly that Counter-Strike was used by the killer to train for what would eventually occur on the campus. However, while several witnesses cited insist that they had never seen Cho “play video games” of any sort, we still have yet to be told exactly what’s stored on Cho’s college computer.

Whilst I have absolutely no desire to support that waste of fresh air that is Jack Thompson, I sincerely hope there isn’t some shred of a long uninstalled violent game – such as a config file for an age-old version of Counter-Strike – buried somewhere on the hard drive. Because if there is, then we – as gamers – are fucked (legislatively speaking).

And Thompson will be waiting, trousers down, howling and raging like a rabid animal.


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